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VOGUEBAY - Inspired By Fashion, Nature and Culture

VOGUEBAY presents amazing product creations with a wide variety of design options - color hues, sizes, textures, and accents. Quality begins with authenticity, and color must keep up with design trends.Enjoy the unique and exciting collections presented to you for your home or commercial projects.

VOGUEBAY Glass offers a variety of glass mosaics and tiles that set the design pace for today's trends.Sophisticated, traditional and contemporary styles suitable for all occasions, the vibrant colors and finishes arouse a feeling of true eleganceMany selections are available in fun colors, including 24K gold flecks that reflect one's personality and individualism

Glass and stone mosaics are a perfect combination, lending permanence and elegance to all designs. Circles, ovals, and other patterns inspired by nature promote a feeling of tranquility.

Spectra Glass represents a unique style and is the vanguard of color and design. More
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